On-Campus Housing

Signing Up for Housing

On-Campus Housing

New students to MICA generally live in the Founders Green residential complex. This unique on-campus housing facility features furnished, spacious apartment-style residences offering an excellent environment to meet new people and acclimate to MICA's dynamic student-artist community. Other residence halls include Gateway, Meyerhoff House, and the Mt. Royal Apartments.

On-campus conveniences include high-speed internet, laundry facilities,  studio spaces, gated parking, a late night dining facility, beautiful courtyards and green spaces, and black box performance spaces. Live-in staff assist you with the transition to life at MICA, and the 24-hour security desks are a valuable resource as you are getting to know your way around town or simply receiving a package from home.

To maximize the student life experience and ensure the support needed for academic success, first-year students and sophomores are required to reside on-campus. Exemptions are considered for individuals meeting local commuter status, for financial need, and other case-by-case criteria.  Incoming students wishing to seek an exemption from MICA's housing requirement must complete the First-Year & Sophomore Housing Requirement Exemption Request Form by July 1 (December 1 for students entering in the spring semester.) Requests to be released from the housing contract should be submitted as early as possible in order to complete the process in a timely manner. To receive an exemption decision in advance of the May 1 tuition deposit deadline (fall semester freshman admits), appeals should be submitted no later than April 10. Please note for the Spring 2021 Semester, the First-Year & Sophomore On-Campus Housing Requirement is suspended due to COVID-19.

Your Housing Assignment

Housing assignments will be emailed to your MICA email account by August.  Placement into a single or double bedroom is based on the date of your housing deposit ($650 early decision and $550 for regular admits and transfer students) and not the date of your housing application.

A housing deposit and housing application are required for placement in on campus housing.

The Residence Life and Off-Campus Housing Office is located in Latrobe House within Founders Green. The office is open weekdays from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Students may come to the office to ask questions, to discuss any problems or concerns, or to just say hello. You can always call us at 410-225-2398 or email us at residencelife@mica.edu.

Students seeking disability accommodations for housing must request accommodations through the Learning Resource Center (LRC) by contacting lrc@mica.edu. More information about the LRC can be found by clicking here.

Sign Up For Housing

In order to sign up for housing at MICA, each student must make a housing deposit and submit a housing application. Refer to your Declaration of Intent Form for instructions for making your housing deposit. Fill out your housing application on the Housing Portal. If you are having trouble submitting your application, please contact the Office of Residence Life and Off-Campus Housing at residencelife@mica.edu or 410-225-2398.

SPRING 2021:

How it works :

  •  Housing Application Completed: Only students who completed their housing application by December 4th at noon are eligible to participate in the sign up process. All other students will be placed on the waitlist. All students who have completed a housing application will be charged the single rate before sign up has been completed. If a student does not live on campus, the charge will be reversed at a later date. 
    • Current First Year Students - Please sign into the Housing Portal using the login information created during registration. 

  • Create Your Group: Create your group in the sign up system in advance of your sign up day. Students will select apartments as a group and must fill all available spaces in the apartment (maximum of 2 people per apartment).

    1. Students will be able to choose their apartment-mate within their same cohort listed above (grad students with grad students, seniors with seniors, first years with first years, transfers with transfers, first year fellows with first year fellows and sophomores and juniors with sophomores and juniors). 

    2. The person with the earliest date and time slot in your group can sign up the other group members. 

    3. Students who did not create a group will be assigned by the Residence Life office at a later date. 

  • Mark Your Calendar: Time slots will be randomly generated for each cohort described above and provided to each student via email. Please note that all the time slots are in Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

  • Time Slots: Each time slot will have 15 minutes to choose an apartment before the next time slot begins. 

    1. Example - 10 students will be assigned the 10 AM time slot. The next 10 students will be assigned the 10:15 am time slot. 

    2. Students can sign up at any time after their time slot has begun.  

    3. Your time slot will be sent to you via email at a later date. Please review all email accounts you have provided to MICA. Additionally, your time slot can be found in your Housing Application Portal.  

  • Review Desired Apartments: Upperclass students can choose an apartment in The Gateway, or Meyerhoff House. Only available rooms that have not yet been chosen will show at the time of your time slot. 

    1. Students can log in to the portal up to 3 hours in advance of their designated time slot to review what is still available. Student groups should have a minimum of 10 options in mind in case the apartment you desire is no longer available.

    2. The maximum number of people allowed to share an apartment is 2. The apartment must be filled in order to choose it. If you are unable to fill every available space in the (2 person) apartment, you will be assigned at a later date if space remains available. 

    3. All bedrooms are single rooms for social distancing purposes. Double occupancy options will not be available. Room layout information on the web may be inaccurate. 

    4. Graduate students will be able to choose an apartment from the Mount Royal townhomes. 

    5. Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Transfer students will be able to choose an apartment from Meyerhoff or Gateway.

    6. First year students will be able to choose an apartment from Glace, Leake or Spear Hall. First Year Fellow students will be choosing an apartment on designated floors in Leake Hall. 

  • Choose your Apartment: On the date and time assigned to you, log in to the housing sign up portal and sign up your group for an apartment.  

    1. Please note that you will only see apartments that match your Roommate Group. All apartments are configured for only two people per group.

  • Assign Your Group: Only 1 person will need to be logged in to place your apartment-mate into their assignment.

    1. This example applies to each group that has different time slots represented by the group members. The person with the earliest date and time slot should sign up the group. 

    1. Each group member will need to be assigned to individual bedrooms. Identify in advance which person will be assigned to each bedroom for any given apartment. 

    2. Example - Person A is a senior. Person A can pull in 1 other apartment-mate they would like to live with. Person A will be able to assign their apartment-mate regardless of the time slot their apartment-mate has been given.

  • Waitlist Information:

    1. Students that missed the housing application deadline of December 4th will be placed on a waitlist. The waitlist will be in order based on the date you completed your application. Students that missed the application deadline are not eligible to join apartment mate groups for the sign up process.


Helpful Resource Links

If you experience difficulties during sign up day please contact residencelife@mica.edu. This email will be monitored from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Off Campus Housing

For those transferring to MICA as juniors or seniors, as well as incoming graduate students, the Office of Residence Life is here to assist if you wish to live off-campus. Please visit our off campus resources page. There you will find where to find apartment listings, frequently asked questions, legal aid available to you and details on how to get started.