For 2023-2024:

A $75 non-refundable deposit is required the first year you are living on campus. Please submit your deposit along with the Declaration of Intent form found in the acceptance packet by May 1st to the Office of Undergraduate Admission along with the Declaration of Intent form found in the acceptance packet. 


  • Single for the Academic Year : $13,180.00
    1. Single per semester: $6,590.00
    Double for the Academic Year: $11,860.00
    1. Double per semester: $5,930.00

Updated Laundry Information:

We are pleased to announce the new laundry model. There are many benefits of this new laundry model, inclusive of the overall cost of laundry being cheaper for the average student. Please read below for more details and frequently asked questions. 

Included in the costs of housing, students are provided a set number of laundry loads per semester. A laundry load is equal to 1 wash and 1 dry. 

Students will be able to access their laundry account via a mobile app, which will replace the old card reader system that required “flex dollars.” The app will be able to activate machines, add money to your account and keep track of your use. You will also be able to monitor your laundry remotely from your app, seeing when machines are available and when your wash or dry is completed. Overall, the student experience will be streamlined, less expensive, and much easier! 

Each semester students will be provided a supply of 45 loads to their account. This averages to 3 loads per week for the duration of the semester. If there are loads remaining at the end of the week, they will carry over to the following week and so on. Unused loads will go away at the end of the semester


Is laundry free?

  • Similar to utilities and wifi, the costs associated with laundry will be included in the overall cost of housing. 

How does this save money for students living on campus?

  • Laundry prices for fall 2021 were set to automatically rise to $3.50 per load. By enrolling all students who live on campus into this program, the cost for each load is drastically reduced. Those savings are passed on to students reducing the overall cost per load by $2.10 to only $1.40 per load. In 2019, MICA residents averaged 38 loads in a 15 week period, approximately 2.5 loads per week. This model will mirror that trend and provide students with 3 loads per week but at the reduced rate. This equates to a yearly cost savings of $200 for students compared to the previous academic year model!

Can I get more loads of laundry if I run out?

  • If you run out of loads, you can add money to your account via the app to cover the cost. However, the cost of those additional loads will not be discounted.  Adding money for additional loads outside of the initial 45 loads per semester will result in an increase to $3.50 per load, the cost for laundry under the “coin price” or “flex dollar” model. 

Will there be new laundry machines?

  • New machines have been installed across campus in the summer of 2021. In addition, students will no longer need to swipe their card at the machines or use quarters to activate machines, although quarters can still be used, but at the higher price. Every aspect will be controlled by the student via a mobile app. 

How does the app work?

  • The “Fast Queen” mobile app is easy to use and available for download to your mobile device, Ipad or tablet. You will be provided a code exclusively for MICA residents at the start of the semester to begin using the app. Please review this document for instructions. 

Where are the laundry rooms located on campus?

  • Each residential community has a laundry area outlined below. Residents in Mount Royal Apartments can use the laundry facilities in The Gateway.  

Founders Green - Glace Hall 1st floor

The Gateway - 2nd floor

Meyerhoff - 1st floor

Some Tips for Laundry Room Etiquette: 


  • Ensure that you are aware of how long your laundry will take and be prepared to collect your laundry when ready (use an alarm, check the mobile app, etc)
  • Be cautious and courteous with other people's laundry within the facilities