Returning Student Housing

Housing Sign Up Frequently Asked Questions

Pertinent Information for Returning Students

What is the Housing Application Fee? 

A $75 non-refundable housing application fee is required the first time a student applies to live within the MICA Residential Community. Please submit your deposit along with the Declaration of Intent form found in the acceptance packet by May 1st to the Office of Undergraduate Admission along with the Declaration of Intent form found in the acceptance packet.

Can this housing deposit be waived? 

If a student is experiencing financial hardship, they may connect with Student Accounts or Financial Aid. Someone from these departments will be able to assist the student and determine if they do qualify for financial assistance in any way. More information can be found on their website here: 

I am seeing a Welcome New Students! page, but I am not a new student. What should I do?

Email us at with your ID number and the issue you are experiencing and the Housing Operations Team will make sure you see the correct returning student application.

Do I need to download, sign and return the housing agreement?

No, when you submit your Housing Application, by signing with your MICA Credentials you are acknowledging receipt of the Housing Agreement. You are also emailed a PDF version of the Housing Agreement for your records. 

Do I have to have a roommate group?

No, a roommate group is not required to select a room.

I am a sophomore. Can I live with a Junior?

Yes, any returning student can live with another returning student. 

I am trying to join a particular roommate group, but I am not able to join. What should I do?

Make sure that you are not already in a group that you created. You will first have to ‘Delete Group’ in order to join another roommate group. You can also have the owner of the group you are trying to join invite you. 

I am looking for someone in particular, but have been unable to find them with Search by Details. What should I do?

The most accurate way to search for another returning student is with their student ID number. If you are not sure of their preferred, first or last name spelling, leave it out of your search. 

I missed my time slot/I have class during my time slot. Can I still select a room?

Yes, once your time slot has opened, room selection will be open until you select a room. Room selection will remain open until 12 noon on Monday, July 15, 2024. Any student who has not selected a room by this time will be assigned a room based on the lifestyle preferences provided in their Portal Profile.