The July 15 Action Plan for a DEIG-Driven and Safe MICA has promised a strengthened Human Resources (HR) at MICA.
As part of this process,  MICA has collected the campus community’s hopes, wishes, and feedback regarding a reimagined HR at MICA through:
  • The HR Reimagined Survey for individual input from October 2 through 16 – there were 172 individual entries, with participation by 89 staff members, 45 faculty members, 25 students, 9 trustees, and 4 unidentified respondents.
  • Focus groups between October 14 and 28 – there were 69 participants, with 41 staff members, 14 faculty members, 7 students, and 7 vice presidents.

You may view the input from these activities in three formats: 1) For a quick glance, a short summary of the common themes and expectations from the survey results. 2) In the interest of transparency, the survey entries as largely raw data*. *The light editing involves removing names and summarizing a few revealing details in the open comments. 3) The focus group input as a list of themes and comment highlights.

Informed by the campus input, administrative leaders is relaunching HR as People, Belonging & Culture in Fall 2021. The presentation from the February 2021 info sessions for the campus community that lays out the new concept and proposed structure can be viewed here.

HR Reimagined 2020 Official Communications