Office of Enrollment Services

Graduate Student Registration

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The Offices of Enrollment Services and Graduate Studies are available to assist you in the registration process to maximize your curricular experience and complete your degree requirements.

Schedule of Courses

Download the most recent Schedule of Courses, or our connect to our public schedule search. Also, review the Graduate Elective Guide for your elective needs.

Registering for Courses

Graduate students may enroll in courses directly through their MICA Student Service Center. Follow these Registration Instructions to access your account and register online.

In addition to contacting Enrollment Services with specific registration-related issues, students may meet with Ken Dippong, Director of Academic Advising, to discuss their enrollment plans (  Graduate Directors are also available for advice or direction regarding course selections.

Program Degree Plans

Each graduate program has specific degree plan requirements. Find your program in the Graduate Programs of Study and look for the Curriculum link or the Graduate Degree Plan Worksheets.

Registration Appointment Times

All graduate students will register according to the dates below. Students will have a hold on their student account until their registration appointment window.

November 27, 2023 (12:15pm) MA students, MFA students with 24+ credits
November 27, 2023 (12:45pm) MFA students with less than 24 credits

Graduate students wanting to register for an undergraduate course that may have prerequisites or major/minor program restrictions should contact the undergraduate Department Chair for consideration and possible approval.