Academic Policies

Transfer of Credit

Advanced Placement

MICA accepts Advanced Placement courses for credit from students who successfully pass the College Board AP Examination with scores of 4 or better; a 5 or better is required for the Drawing portfolio exam. Transfer is contingent upon applicability to degree requirements.

Dual Enrollment

Credit for college-level coursework completed in high school is not accepted for transfer credit.

International Baccalaureate

Students who have completed the IB Diploma or the individual examinations may be eligible for credit if they earn a score of 6 or 7 on the higher-level examinations. Students are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and awarding of credit is at MICA's discretion. No credit will be awarded for the Art/Design Elective.


Transfer credit for transfer applicants is initially evaluated by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Once matriculated, students must obtain prior approval to take courses at another institution from the appropriate departmental chairperson in writing. Courses must equate to semester credit hours. Upon successful completion of coursework and a minimum grade of "C" (grades of "S/U" and "Pass/Fail" will not accepted), students must provide an official transcript to the Office of Enrollment Services. Coursework will be transferred in with a grade of TR and a portfolio review for a studio course may be required.


With approval of their Program Director, full-time MFA students may transfer a maximum of six (6.00) credits of graduate-level liberal arts coursework from another institution through the Office of Enrollment Services. Due of the specific sequence of courses required in the MAT, MFACA, MPS, MBA/MA and MFAST programs, no transfer of credits will apply to these degrees.

No transfer credit will be awarded for the 30-credit degree MA programs, however students may petition to waive a requirement based on previous experience, course work or demonstrated skill or knowledge. Requests to waive a course requirement will be reviewed by the program director on a case-by-case basis, based on documentation via an official transcript and/or portfolio. Any waived requirement will allow students the opportunity to take an elective or other coursework at MICA to complement their interests or expand their skill sets and research.

Addendum for AY 2020-21:

This policy is only applicable to currently enrolled MFA students during the AY21 academic year for 2-year MFA programs unable to run required core seminar coursework during the fall or spring semester(s). In this AY21 only transfer scenario, students may apply to transfer all studio and elective graduate credits to another MICA graduate program that is sufficiently similar in structure and curriculum.

Acceptance of complete transfer credit from one program to another is dependent on the pertinence of the work to the new degree program pursued and must have approval from the Vice Provost of Graduate Studies and the relevant Graduate Director(s). A portfolio review and/or faculty interview with the transfer candidate and faculty may also be required.

Under this exception, a transfer from one graduate program to another, once completed, is considered permanent. A transfer candidate may not return to the previous program except through a leave of absence and re-application through the traditional admission process.