Baltimore + Undergraduate Students

Advantages for Fine Artists

Build your exhibition experience and professional contacts with the support of a community that welcomes creativity and values innovation.

Great Spaces to Live, Work, and Exhibit

Baltimore offers plenty of inexpensive and affordable studio space. In addition to repurposed industrial buildings and historic row houses with affordable rents, the city also offers low-cost studio/ living spaces for emerging artists. In addition to the many galleries that exhibit the work of established artists, Baltimore has the advantage of a strong group of art galleries and non-traditional pop-ups that exhibit the work of young artists—many of them just steps away from MICA’s campus.

Financial Support

The Baltimore community demonstrates its commitment to emerging artists by providing important financial support. The community hosts a number of competitions with significant monetary awards. Among them are the Baker Artist Awards, the Sondheim Prize, and the Rubys—all supported by local philanthropies that believe in the power and purpose of art.

Over the last several years, MICA graduates have been selected in all these major regional awards. For example, Daniel Wickerham ’09 and Malcolm Lomax ’09, better known as Wickerham & Lomax, were awarded the 10th annual Sondheim Artscape Prize, which comes with a $25,000 fellowship. Both painting majors at MICA, the pair has collaborated since they graduated. Their entry consisted of sculptures and an interactive website designed to explore the membership of clubs and other kinds of social networks. Erick Antonio Benitez ’14 was awarded a Ruby Artists Project Grant of up to $10,000 to support La Frontera, an immersive installation that uses video, interviews, and found site materials to raise awareness of modern migration.