ID Problems

MICARD Issues and Solutions

Your MICARD (MICA ID card) is essential for various campus services, including printing in the library. If you encounter problems with your MICARD, here's how to address them.

Adding Money to Your Flex Account/MICARD

MICA uses MICA GET for Flex Account deposits and transfers. You can deposit money into your Flex Account through the following methods:

  1. Visit MICA GET and sign in with your MICA username and password or login as guest.
  2. Contact Student Accounts by email,, to request assistance. 
  3. Call or Visit the Student Accounts office to pay by cash, check, or overseas credit/debit card.

Student Accounts 

  • Location: Bunting Center, 2nd floor, Suite 240, 1401 W. Mount Royal Ave., Baltimore, MD 21217
  • Phone: 410-225-2356
  • Operating Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm

Damaged MICARD

If your MICARD becomes defective or damaged, you can seek assistance for card replacement:

Campus Safety

  • Location: 1501 W. Mount Royal Avenue, 2nd floor
  • Phone: 410-225-2355

Please contact or visit Campus Safety to inquire about card replacement and any associated fees.