MICA MPS faculty are industry professionals who teach part-time. The teaching roster fluctuates between semesters. Below you will find a sample list of faculty.

MICA's M.P.S. UXD faculty are professionals actively involved in the UX industry. As industry leaders, they know firsthand the growing demand for UX professionals and want to grow the pool of graduates who have gained a level of expertise through an intensive educational experience that includes engagement with actual UX practices. Industry partners bring real-world projects to the classroom to assist you in gaining knowledge of challenges faced by the industry while providing critical feedback and career insight.

UX DESIGN (M.P.S.) Faculty

Andrew Maier

Andrew Maier is a public-interest designer and coach who helps government agencies mature their design practices.

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Kafi Waters

A customer experience and innovation strategist, Kafi works at the intersection of design, strategy, and technology.

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Kyle Bodt

Kyle has over a decade of experience helping global clients craft digital experiences for their employees and customers as a strategist and design consultant.

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Lacey Gerard

Lacey Gerard is a UX generalist working in EdTech. She is a problem de-tangler and conversation leader for innovative ideas and product discovery.

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William Verbist

William Verbist is a product and experience design leader who uses his love of technology and passion for design to investigate, innovate and deliver digital experiences.

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