Community Arts (MFA)

Paula L. Phillips

Paula Phillips utilizes the disciplines of fibers, photography, ceramics, and sculptural form in metaphorical, narrative-based mixed media paintings and fiber pieces that explore community issues and themes through varied collaborative, educationally-based practices.

Paula's use of form, color, textures, and surfaces extend beyond typical conceptual boundaries including medium, process, content and composition.

Paula is: an artist/educator/mentor, guide/risk-taker, giver/receiver, board member/collaborator/mediator; a leader/team player, and active participating citizen; juror/curator, resource person, net-worker, coworker, and friend; a responder, inquirer, and critic to the interests of students and to the needs of the greater community. She has developed and implemented curricula and arts programs for educational systems, institutions, and select schools; community-based organizations and foundations and as well as for individuals and community-specific initiatives.