Finance Questions & Help

Q: What is a Fiscal Year?

A: MICA operates on an annual "fiscal year" (not a calendar year), that runs from June 1–May 31.

Q: What is the Accounts Payable (AP) Processing Schedule?

A: Check requests are cut once per week and are required to be approved in Workday by Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m.

Requests marked with "HOLD" handling code are available on Mondays by 12:00 p.m. in the AP Office. Checks not marked for pick-up will be mailed directly to the supplier/payee.

Q: How should I send AP requests to the Finance Office?

A: See: Who Do You Need to Pay (PDF)

Q: What forms do I need to get this vendor or person paid?

A: It depends on who you need to pay; refer to the Who Do You Need to Pay on how to pay.

Q: What is the process for requesting money in my budget for new positions, increases, etc.?

A: There is an annual budget process in place at MICA in which budget requests are considered. Two key points in the process are established for additional funding considerations. The first is during the spring term when the upcoming fiscal year budgets are being prepared and approved by the VPs. The second is during the summer and early fall term when the VPs have historically considered additional spending as a result of higher than budgeted enrollments.

Please feel free to contact Brigitte Sullivan (x2209 or for budget adjustments with current allotted funds, but all new/increased funding requests must go through your division manager/VP for consideration. Salary increases, new positions, department increases, etc. cannot be added to the budget without the proper approval process.

Q: How do I request a journal entry?

A:  To correct a transaction that was posted incorrectly, please complete this form and email it to Joyce Uhm ( The same email or signature authorization rules apply to JEs as do with other AP payments.

Q: How do I Request a Cash Advance?

A: Spend authorization requests must be approved in Workday by Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. to receive a check on Monday of the following week. 

All cash advance questions should be directed to Lucy Gitaka (x4256 or

Q: How are Stipends handled?

A: All stipends should be requested using Request for Semester Pay in Workday.

Q: Where do I send deposits?

A: Send or hand deliver all deposits to David Zeit (x4220 or in the Student Accounts office (Bunting 240). Please hand-deliver all cash deposits.

Q: What is the current MICA mileage reimbursement?

A: As of January 1, 2021 the standard mileage rate for use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) is 56 cents per mile for business miles driven. Mileage rates populate automatically in Workday Expense Reports.

Q: Who do I contact about M&T Corporate Card issues?

A: Contact Joyce Uhm ( Discuss M&T Centresuite issues, fraudulent activity, new/replacement card requests, and cancellations with Joyce Uhm.

Q: Who do I contact about MICA's Amazon Business Prime account?

A:  Submit all Amazon Business Prime related questions to Quaneshia Armstrong (x2573 or 

Q: How are wire transfers processed?

A: Please set up your supplier in Workday and, after it is approved, create a supplier invoice request with the invoice, wire form, and any supporting documentation.  For independent contractors wire transfers, please  follow the policies, procedures, and use the form located here . For all other vendor wire transfers, please complete this form.  All wire transfers incur additional fees that are coded to the same account string as the wire itself.  If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Golden (x2366 or

Staff Contact Information

Staff Member Responsibilities
Dan Cronin
Executive Vice President and CFO or x2352
Oversees Accounting, Budget, Payroll and Student Account Services
Quaneshia Armstrong
Controller or x2573
Oversees all accounting operations
Accounting & financial reporting
Audit management
Compliance work - tax returns
Brigitte Sullivan
Budget Director or x2209

‚ÄčOperating & Capital Budget
Institutional budget process and planning
Existing budget allocation adjustments
Budget/P.O. portal access & signature authorization
Setup new operating budget dept codes and program codes
Assists with financial reporting analysis


Associate Budget Director

Operating & Capital Budget
Financial reporting & analysis
Melissa Buckingham
Director of Payroll or X2123

Oversees Payroll Taxes and Deductions, Garnishments
One-Time Payments and Semester Based Pay
International Payee Independent Contractor Determination
Tuition Remission forms
Timesheet submissions
Holiday Schedules
Paid Leave Balances

Karen Mills
Senior AP/Payroll Specialist (A-K) or x2210
AP/Payroll processing (A-K of alphabet)
Vendor credit applications
Void/reissue check requests
Enters faculty contracts

AP Payroll Specialist (L-Z)

AP/Payroll processing (L-Z of alphabet)
Vendor credit applications
Void/reissue check requests
Lucy Gitaka
Assistant Controller x4256
Cash advances
1099 reporting
AmeriCorps reporting
Accounting & financial reporting
Joyce Uhm
Senior Accountant or x2502
M&T card expense report processing and administration
(M&T Centresuite maintenance, new cards, cancellations, fraudulent activity)
Info. on Federal tax ID, W-9, Duns, sales tax exemption,
copies of 990 or tax returns, etc.
Staff Accountant
Journal entries
Records auxiliary revenue - Postal Ops, Store, Library, etc.
Student Account Services
Robinson Hernandez
Director of Student Accounts or x4116
Oversees all Student Accounts operations
David Zeit
Associate Director of Student Accounts or x4220
Cashiering and departmental deposits
Alex Whatley
Student Accounts Specialist or x2212
Answer questions from students and parents