Additional Letterform Video - Mood 2020 Digital
Augumented Reality Clothing - Mood 2020 Digital
Letterforms 2020 Digital - After Effects and Cinema 4-D
Logo - Mood 2020 Digital (After Effects and Cinema 4D)
Static/Motion Posters - Mood 2020 Digital & print
Visualization of Anxiety and Depression - Mood 2020 Digital - After Effects
Website Mood 2020 Digital

Zoey Russomano is a multidisciplinary designer based in New Jersey. Her focus is on creating dynamic identity systems using kinetic typography; Other interests include creative coding, web design, and motion graphics. Zoey's approach to design is a motion first approach to form multiple solutions to the design challenge. She also loves finding beauty in mistakes and turning accidents into new and inventive concepts. Zoey sees failure as an opportunity.

Mood is a campaign that visualizes anxiety and depression through the cognitive-behavioral therapy framework. Using the authentic voices of people who experience anxiety and depression, Mood contrasts the societal outlook of mental disorders with the lived experience. This project informs its audience and creates community among those suffering—they are not alone.