We Will Not Walk in Fear (itch.io) 2020 Digital
Diaspora//Dysphoria Doll 2020 Digital game
Cyber Cafe Carryout 1 2020
Cyber Cafe Carryout 2 2020
Cyber Cafe Carryout 3
images of the packaging and cards of Grief (as I experience it)
Grief (as I experience it) 1 2018 Board game
Grief (as I experience it) 2
MICA Ball 2019 1
MICA Ball 2019 2
MICA Ball 2019 3
MICA Ball 2019 4

Vian is a queer Vietnamese-American game designer.

They are interested in game design as a means to facilitate spaces of feeling, self-reflection, and noticing the world around us.