Physarum Polycephalum by Tianyue Su
Physarum Polycephalum 2020 Physarum Polycephalum
2nd connect by Tianyue Su
2nd Connect 2019 Live SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), Acrylic, Glassware, Sensor, Vibration Motor, Wire, Wood, Paint, Bulb 120 x 120 x 30 in
Untitled is a personal art practice that is not over-controlled by the artist but the accident of the tools using.
Untitled 2019 Color print 62 x 32 in
work by Tianyue Su
8.30 - 9.30 2018 Cotton String, Foam, Wood, Video, Projection Mapping 48 x 48 x 50in
work by Tianyue Su
Bio Calibrator 2020 Living Physarum Polycephalum (a common yellow slime mold), Wearable structure, Fabric, Color Powder, Water, Timer Performance Duration 19’31’’

I primarily work with installation, digital, and bio-art. My practice explores how interactive technological systems can relate to human beings and their sensorial capabilities, behaviors, and communications. I am interested in the complex relationships between 'living' and 'non-living' entities. Normally, our experience of
the world is limited since we are constrained by our biology. However, we accept information as it's presented to us as a full understanding of reality. Through my work, I seek to expand and enhance human perception, combining art and technology, and also investigate how technologies shape 'imperceptible relationships'.