Hair Politic 2017 hair and wire 4' x 2'

Hair is a part of all of us. Our skin anchors it. We live within it. And because of it, hairstyles and designs have enjoyed a rich, multi-hemispheric tradition that has spanned the millennia.

Liz Miller's work explores the connection between our roots and contemporary America. Textiles and braid patterns are the inspiration. Her work can be object-based or small- and large-scale installation. Her art takes such forms as domestic fashion appearing on furniture, headdresses, and modeling familiar structures like windows and carpets.

Cataloging hair stories since her formative years, Liz celebrates the limitless potential of hair, most often as it relates to African-American culture. The work questions hair and body politics, while addressing such issues as appropriation, classism, gender, ethnicity, equity, and identity.

Her sculptures are participatory, visceral, and just absurd enough to disarm her audience and stimulate fertile conversation.