An American flag can be seen in the background. The foreground is filled with the images of children with the stars of the flag covering their faces like a muzzle. The children are in various stages of decay from neglect, poverty, bureaucracy and destruct
Lost Souls 2019 Acrylic 48'X48"
We see various sites from East Baltimore, boarded up row homes, skeleton shells of one beautiful grand homes, warehouses all being engulfed by Johns Hopkins
East Side 2019 Mixed media with wood burning relief 25"x25"
You see filth, trash, rundown and abandoned buildings with an old weather beaten wood board laid on top of the trash with two buckets placed on top for seating. This is the place where children play.
Playground 2019 Mixed media 16"x20"
We see a woman's face and see is surrounded by brick that are starting to cover her face
Premature Burial 2019 Mixed media 25"x25"
A cityscape view of a neglected inner city neighborhood. You see trash, the homeless and dilapidated buildings with new and rehabbed spaces that seem to ignore it's surroundings and the original inhabitants of the neighborhood.
Gentrification 2020 Mixed media with wood buring relief 30"x40"

Laura Sligh is an interdisciplinary artist and arts educator. She combines the genres of theater, performance, and production. By combining these different genres, she compiles them into a mixed media of visual art. Her art is complex and layered, not only visually but psychologically and emotionally. Her work often deals with the current political climate, urban life, gentrification, and giving voice to the unseen.

Laura also loves working with the feminine form. Her layered paintings of women speak to the concepts of femininity, beauty sensuality, and power. She uses different painting techniques to express her voice on canvas.

Laura has been an arts educator in Baltimore Maryland for many years and often finds inspiration for her artwork from the communities in which she works. This inspiration can be seen through her writings and the production of theater or through visual art forms. Laura has the ability to inspire students as well as being able to give voice to their stories through theater and visual art. Because Laura started out as a performer, she understands the process of creating from all sides and equally values all aspects of production, whether it is on a stage or in a gallery. No matter what the medium she is working in, her work is always visually intriguing and thought-provoking.

Laura’s recent visual works deals with the destruction of Baltimore communities and the influx of gentrification. It also gives a narrative to the voices of the poor and speaks of their reliance to thrive and overcome adversities.

Her newest work, Who Am I? This timely written and directed by Laura is her thesis project. Through this piece she examines America's fraught racial history and our complex identities to redefine our role in the human collective. This work brings light to the often untold history of African Americans and gives insight into why black and white people view and deal with each other and what changes have to be made to become a beloved community.