Fiber (BFA)

Full collection of garments designed from scratch. Looks ranging from modern to traditional Indian silhouettes. Kalakari SS 2019, By Sukalp Bhatija.
KALAKARI 2019 Various Various Sizes
Large black shapes covering white wall with green wool woven into it
Black Rocks 2020 Knitted plastic, paint, and wool 7' H x 5' W
A Net pillow made out of blue and white silk organza dyed with butterfly sweat pea flowers. Filled with sea shells and brown green yarn dyed with seaweed.
My Shell Collection 2020 Silk organza, butterfly sweet pea dye, seaweed dyed wool yarn, sea shells. 58” L x 42" W
Hardcore, Street Punk and Horror Punk models are positioned together standing.
Hardcore, Street Punk and Horror Punk Looks 2019 Hardcore outfit, street punk outfit, horror punk outfit
A close-up photo of fabric with a pattern featuring multiple people dancing.
BE AT EASE- (Pattern 1/5) 2019 Digital textile print on silk twill, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
a figure stands in profile with his hands clasped in front of him
Untitled One 2020 Cotton, rag rug weaving, photography
Semblance of a Thesis
Semblance of a Thesis 2020 Wood, mixed media
Models wearing garments from Coterie. Model 1 is wearing a grey quilted top over a black slit dress, and Model 2 is wearing a black quilted set with gold embroidery.
Coterie 2.1 2019 Fibers