a figure stands in profile with his hands clasped in front of him
Untitled One 2020 Cotton, rag rug weaving, photography
One figure sits in a yellow dress and another figure stands behind her.
Untitled Two 2020 Fiber, photography
Two figures sit, one on a stool and one on the ground
Untitled Three 2020 Fiber, Photography
Figure in white pants, shirt and blue checked vest repeated over white background
Untitled Four 2020 Fiber, photography
A green silk dress on a body that has been erased.
Untitled Six 2020 FIber, photography
Figure reflected in mirror wearing a patchwork jacket.
Untitled Five 2020 Fiber, photography
A closet of clothing is reflected through a mirror on the floor.
Untitled Seven 2020 Fiber, photography

When someone has gone from our lives their absence is, ironically, ever present- clinging to the items they have left behind. Coin collections and nightgowns are where I believe souls remain, tied to the earth through the ownership of the living. The things we own and the clothes we wear shape the space around our lives. We give our belongings meaning and value and in some cases they return the favor. What we decide holds no value, we discard- these are the leftovers.