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May. 17
Aug. 30

FRACTURED, an exhibition by FYE Forum Students

FRACTURED is a 2021 freshman virtual exhibition and maze that features the artwork of  ten MICA FYE Forum students in partnership with Pigment Sauvage-Art and Residency.  The exhibition presents the disparate interests of the individual students, both…
Sep. 07
Oct. 03
Exhibition in Decker Gallery

2021 Sabbatical Exhibition

The 2021 Sabbatical Exhibition will showcase the work of faculty members who took a semester away from MICA during the 2019-2021 academic years to explore new themes. Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Sabbatical Exhibition, we have an unprecedentedly…
Sep. 01
Sep. 22
Wall of postcards

First Year Postcard Project

In some parts of the world, summer is the time where we get to relax a little more, enjoy the world outside a little more, spend a little more time with our friends and families, or maybe even have the chance to go someplace new for a little bit. Temperatures…
Apr. 24
May. 29

BiArtisan Effort

Opening April 24th, BiArtisan Effort is a collaborative exhibition featuring works from MICA and Make Studio artists David Cloutier, Kareem Samuels, Dasha Kalumuck, Chloe Green, Janel Jenkins, Joshua Frick, Aimee Eliason, Victoria Cho, and Gemma Frost…
Sep. 14
Oct. 08
Bird Dance, a performance by Jia Le Ling, an interdisicplinary sculpture student, graduating in 2022
Student-Artists, Student-Curated, Undergraduate Students

Dance of a Quiet Boy

This exhibition by Jia Le Ling will be on display from September 13 -October 8 in the Meyerhoff Piano Gallery. Exhibition Statement: Dance of a Quiet Boy is a series of exploratory dance performances that shows how a quiet boy dabbles in this new and…
Sep. 14
Oct. 08
I Statements, 2021 - Donovan Kramer
Student-Artists, Student-Curated, Undergraduate Students

I'm Real, So Please Be Serious

This exhibition by Donovan Kramer will be on display from September 13 -October 8 in the Gateway Gallery. Exhibition Statement: I'm Real, So Please Be Serious takes inspiration from shout-into-the-void style posts on the internet in order to explore loneliness…
Sep. 14
Oct. 08
Student-Artists, Student-Curated, Undergraduate Students

Home and Garden

The exhibition by Arista Wilson will be on view from September 13 - October 8 in the Gateway Gallery. Wilson is an interdisciplinary artist based in Virginia and Maryland. She is currently a BFA candidate for Ceramics and Painting at the Maryland Institute…
Sep. 14
Oct. 08

Suit Your Self: Jesters, Masks, and the Dissolution of Ego

The exhibition by Maya Lawrence and Maggie Jones will be on view from September 13 - October 8 in the Pinkard Gallery (Bunting). Exhibition Statement: The pieces speak in an unfiltered visual language that delights in expressions and patterns, unconcerned…