MICAnetwork Disclaimer

Opportunities posted in MICAnetwork are provided by third parties over whom MICA exercises no control and with whom MICA has no affiliation

Although MICA may advertise internship postings, job listings, and other employment-related opportunities as a courtesy to students and alumni, students and alumni should understand that these internship opportunities and job listings are provided by third parties over whom MICA exercises no control and with whom MICA has no affiliation. As these third parties are unaffiliated with MICA, MICA is unable to perform screening on their staff or to ensure that the work environment is free of harassment or discrimination. MICA is also unable to ensure that these third parties comply with any applicable wage and hour or other employment and labor laws. MICA cautions student applicants when applying for internships and jobs to ask questions about the workplace culture and employment practices of the third-party employer. Students and alumni are also solely responsible for verifying the accuracy of any third party internship or job offer. MICA assumes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for the content, accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability, or availability of any internship or job listing or promise of subsequent employment. Students and alumni understand and agree that any rights they have under any applicable federal, state, or local laws related to labor and employment, equal opportunity, harassment, or discrimination related to their applications or subsequent internship/employment may only be asserted against the third-party employer. MICA is not a party to or liable for any employment agreement between a student and third-party employer.

Avoiding Scams

Discriminatory Practices Reporting Policy

MICA students and alumni should utilize this Policy to understand what constitutes a discriminatory practice by an employer and the process for reporting, investigation, and response when the Career Development Office (CDO) becomes aware of a possible violation. Please email Kristen Carroll, Assistant Director for Employer Relations, at kcarroll01@mica.edu with any questions. 

Discriminatory Practices Reporting Policy
Employer Conduct Incident Reporting (ECIR) Form