We Stand With Ukraine

A message from MICA President Samuel Hoi regarding the situation in Ukraine.

February 25, 2022

On Thursday, Ukraine’s sovereignty was threatened and millions of civilians were put into harm’s way when Russia launched a wide-ranging attack across the country’s borders.

We offer solidarity and our best wishes to all who are impacted and have directly reached out to our Ukrainian students to offer more concrete support.

We also support all of those in our community who are concerned for the innocent individuals—adults and children—affected by these actions and those who may be traumatized as social media platforms and news sources begin to fill with images and stories that may be challenging to process. We ask you to be kind to, and take care of, one another, recognizing that each of us deal with difficult events in our own way.

Please seek the support necessary for assistance, comfort, and healing. Any employees who are directly or indirectly impacted are encouraged to outreach to People, Belonging & Culture (humanresources@mica.edu). Appointments for students are available at the Student Counseling Center (410-225-2367 or counseling@mica.edu). Support for students is also available through the Center for Culture & Identity (formerly the Center for Identity & Inclusion) (diversity@mica.edu), the Office of International Education (internationaleducation@mica.edu), and the Office of Student Affairs (studentaffairs@mica.edu). Faculty and staff members are encouraged to seek assistance through the Employee Assistance Program.

Finally, as events in Ukraine unfold, it is especially poignant to recall that the inaugural 2016 issue of MICA’s news publication Velocity included back cover art of a mural created by Gaia ’11, and commissioned by Art United Us—a mural project in Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv to promote peace and honor the country’s independence. The work depicts the Archangel Michael, a prominent figure in Ukrainian Orthodoxy often invoked as protection from invasion by enemies.

In these moments, we remember the power that artists and creatives have to bring change, inspire hope, and use their work for social justice in times of despair.


Photo courtesy of the artist.

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