Summer & Winter Travel Intensives

Students travel with MICA faculty to places of great aesthetic and historical resonance, and to centers of contemporary art and design to earn college credit, enhance their art-making, and connect with art and other artists through MICA's Summer and Winter Travel Intensives.

Current MICA graduate students and undergraduates who have completed at least one year of  school are eligible to register for a Summer 2022 travel intensive program to London or Venice, Italy.


London: Illustration Past & Present

Students will capture their experiences by journaling and drawing in a sketchbook that will be the springboard for illustration assignments. Inspiration will come from visits to a number of attractions. To kick off the program, students will take an open bus tour of London, which will be followed up by visits to the British Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Students will also visit illustration galleries, visit with contemporary illustrators in-studio, and have a workshop with a London illustrator., all while discovering the unique neighborhoods of London. Students also receive 3 credits in Illustration and have the option to earn an additional 3 credits in Art History or Humanistic Studies.

Venice: Then & Now

In this interdisciplinary program, students visit historical national pavilions in the Biennale Gardens and the nearby Arsenale, witnessing first-hand the magical transformation of these spaces, including the work of Simon Leigh in the 2022 U.S. pavilion. Classes are held both in the classroom and on location throughout the program. Local experts, curators, art historians, and participating artists in this year’s Biennale will provide special lectures. Students also earn 6 undergraduate credits in Art History or 3 in Art History and 3 in Humanistic Studies.