MICA Faculty-Led Summer Programs

London: Illustration Past and Present

London is the perfect setting to explore the past, present, and future of illustration.


Travel Dates:  July 21 to August 11, 2024

*Application Deadline (Absolute):  February 15, 2024


Program Overview

Students will capture their experiences by journaling and drawing in a sketchbook that will be the springboard for illustration assignments. Inspiration will come from visits to a number of attractions. To kick off the program, students will take an open bus tour of London, which will be followed up by visits to the British Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Students will also visit illustration galleries, visit with contemporary illustrators in-studio, and have a workshop with a London illustrator, all while discovering the unique neighborhoods of London.

Accommodations are in the centrally located in a quintessential area of the urban landscape. Side trips to Hever Castle and to Brighton are also planned.

For more insight, check out www.LDNMICA.wordpress.com.  Fees include all accommodations, all ground transportation for class trips, and some meals (breakfast and evening meals).


Rebecca Bradley was born and raised in South East England. She attended Maidstone College of Art and Chelsea College of Art. She came to the United States in 1999 to study for an MFA in Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design. Rebecca taught at the Art Institute of Boston for five years before coming to MICA in 2005. She is the Director of the MA in Illustration.

Sam Lacombe studied painting with David Aronson and Robert D'Arista at Boston University, where he received BFA and MFA degrees in painting. He is a painter involved in the issues of form, light, space, design, and process, and for the past ten years, his paintings have centered on urban Americana, particularly mid to late-twentieth-century signage. His work is in several private collections and has been exhibited in group and solo shows nationally and abroad.

Program Fees

Estimated $7100 (does not include international airfare).  Includes tuition for 3 undergraduate credits in Illustration. Optional: add an additional 3 credits in Art History or Humanistic Studies for an additional fee of $1700 with approval from the faculty and department chair.  

The Office of International Education posts this estimated amount to help you budget for your travel study experience.  This fee is subject to change based on regular program enrollment, and the number of students required to run the program.  The Office of International Education reserves the right to cancel the program for any reason, including, but not limited to student enrollment, health, and safety concerns, etc.

Any student who has an outstanding balance owed to MICA, from past or current semesters, will be required to ensure that the balance is paid in full by the time they begin their summer study abroad program, or their admission to the program will be rescinded.  All questions regarding outstanding balances and payment options must be discussed with the Office of Student Accounts. 

Commitment Deposit

A $300 deposit is required upon being accepted into the program - this fee cannot be waived.  After a student has been accepted, they will be sent an email outlining the next steps, action items that include submitting a commitment deposit through Nelnet, MICA's preferred online payment service, as well as critical follow up emails that will instruct students on how to proceed with their matriculation to the program.  Students must commit to checking their MICA emails on a regular basis, regardless, for important communications from faculty and study abroad staff.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that all applicants think closely and commit to either participating or not participating, shortly after being accepted to the program.  Students should be prepared financially speaking, to pay for the full program and travel fees out of pocket, regardless if they receive a need-based scholarship or not - there are no guarantees that an applicant will receive a scholarship award, and scholarship awards only pay for a small percentage of the overall cost of attendance.  Applicants who are approved to participate in the program will have until Friday, February 23, 2024, to cancel without penalty.  On Friday, February 23, the non-refundable acceptance deposit of $300 will be due in Nelnet, along with the student’s full commitment to participate.   

From there, the Office of International Education will begin making payments on your behalf (mostly non-refundable costs) to international and domestic program and service vendors (ex:  student residence, transportation, excursions, museum passes, material), once students have been accepted to the program. Refund amounts are at the sole discretion of the Office of International Education.  If a student withdraws their application after Friday, February 24, they will be responsible for a $300 withdrawal penalty (the non-refundable program deposit) and any or all costs that may have been spent or committed on their behalf.

To inquire further, or to withdraw an application before the deadline, email Mike Rini - mrini@mica.edu

Financial Aid

Summer study abroad applicants have an opportunity to apply to only (1) of two distinct, need-based scholarships being offered by the Office of International Education - there are no exceptions; scholarships cannot be combined.  Please read the scholarship descriptions below and apply only to the need-based scholarship that resonates with you the most.  The application for either scholarship can be found on the program's application, and students can opt to apply or not apply for a need-based scholarship.   Additional scholarships offered through various professional organizations that support study abroad can be found here, and we highly recommend that you take the time to research and complete applications that resonate the most with you. The (2) available scholarships for this term:

ISA Grant

This grant opportunity, made possible through the generosity of the Brown Foundation, is afforded specifically to MICA students of color, regardless of major, for studying abroad during the summer term on a MICA Faculty-Led Summer program. Award amounts are variable and determined based on the applicant’s need by a scholarship committee. 

Roberts Family Travel Grant

This funding opportunity, provided by the generosity of the Roberts Family, is afforded to all MICA students, regardless of major, for studying abroad during the summer term on a MICA Faculty-Led Summer program. Award amounts are variable and determined based on the applicant’s need by a scholarship committee.

Please note:  applying for any one of the aforementioned need-based scholarships does not automatically mean that a student will be awarded one; scholarships are competitive and based on a compelling Scholarship Statement provided by the student in the application.  Award amounts for faculty-led summer programs are not designed to pay for the prospective student's entire program fees, including airfare, transportation, and onsite activities. 

These scholarships are being offered to help students and their families subsidize only a part of the total costs associated with their program.  All prospective applicants should be prepared financially to assume the total cost of their summer study abroad program fees from the outset should they not be awarded a need-based scholarship award.  

The absolute deadline for scholarship applications is the program application deadline:  February 15, 2024 - there are no exceptions. 


Contact program coordinator Rebecca Bradley at rbradley@mica.edu.

Open to MICA undergraduate and graduate students in all majors. For all programs, credits can be applied to Studio Elective. For more information on how to apply, or to inquire about need-based scholarships, contact Mike Rini, Associate Director of Education Abroad:  mrini@mica.edu