Students explore the city of Seoul during summer study abroad.

Summer Travel Intensive to Korea

In the Summer Travel Intensive, Soul of Seoul: A Cultural Adventure in Dynamic Korea, students had the ability to earn 3 studio credits in Interdisciplinary Sculpture as well as 3 optional credits in Art History.

Set in one of Asia's most dynamic cities, this program challenged students to create artwork based on their experience of place and culture. Seoul, only a generation away from its traditional Confucian and Buddhist roots, has undergone the transformation of an industrial revolution and is now in an exciting period of cultural ascendancy producing exemplary works in the fields of fine arts, architecture, and design. Stuents in the program gained insight into professional development of the artist in the global contextas they investigated the unique and vibrant city of Seoul through group excursions. MICA's partner for the program was the progressive Korean National University of Arts, also known as K'ARTS, which provided accommodations, studio space, and special events. In addition, K'ARTS students joined MICA's group as participants, and the cultural exchange culminated in a group exhibition in the gallery space at K'ARTS.