June 30 - Faculty and Staff Memo

MICA Faculty and Staff,

As you are aware, on Monday, July 6, we will release MICA’s full plan for reopening the campus this fall. We want to thank all the members of this community—faculty, staff, students, and trustees—who have been working together these past weeks and months to develop and refine a strategy that is thoughtful, feasible, and adaptable to the evolving realities of the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Making MICA More Just, Equitable, and Safe

At the same time, we are moving forward on a series of important, urgent changes to make MICA better, fairer, and more just. As educators and individuals, we have been profoundly affected by the legacy of pain and exclusion expressed by Black communities across our campus, city, and nation. We have not yet moved fast or far enough as an institution to address these concerns, particularly those raised by our BIPOC community. We can—and we must—do more, not just to oppose systemic racism, inequality, and bias at MICA, but to comprehensively commit as artists, educators, and activists to anti-racist behavior and broader social and cultural change.

We also have critical work to do to ensure that we are always providing safe, productive, equitable spaces in which to learn, create, and thrive for every member of our community. The allegations that a MICA alum reported on social media last week regarding misconduct by a faculty member—and the online discussion that followed—show that there are essential areas in which we have fallen short in this commitment that need to be addressed in substantive, immediate ways.


We are deeply saddened by the hurt and the harm that has occurred to our students and our community. We honor the courage and impact of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni who have chosen to share their experiences, insights, and vital recommendations for change.

With the input of our campus community, we are conducting an extensive assessment of our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Globalization (DEIG) expectations, practices, climate, and results. We are also conducting an immediate top to bottom review of the very serious reported breach of institutional trust—including MICA’s role in any expected follow-up. On both fronts, we are looking closely at any policy, system, or organizational changes needed to make our college, our culture, and our compliance stronger, more responsive, and more reflective of the institution we want and need to be.

The events of the past weeks have revealed a fundamental weakness we have as an organization:  The lack of fair, meaningful, transparent, safe processes and protocols for reporting complaints and issues of bias; for enacting due process; and for holding individuals accountable for their actions. We are working immediately to ensure that these processes and protocols are in place.

We understand that words are not enough and that concrete action is needed. An initial list of goals was included in President Hoi’s and Provost Bogen’s June 25th memo Leadership Commitment for Transformative Change. By mid-July, MICA will be issuing additional next steps the College will take to address these critical concerns.

Our approach rightly must balance accountability and fairness, ensuring that the concerns of those who have been harmed are listened to and heard, that alleged violations or shortcomings are reviewed carefully, completely, and in a timely way, and that any decisions or recommendations are made only after a rigorous review of the facts. It is imperative that we build an approach that does not judge in advance of full information and that ensures that the rights of all members of our community are protected. We pledge to work diligently with the entire MICA community to build strong and accountable reporting channels for registering grievances and making change.

Join Us for a Special Town Hall Discussion on Thursday, July 2
We hope faculty and staff will join us for a special town hall this Thursday, July 2 at 12:00 p.m.  to discuss these issues in an open community forum, to hear updates on all these issues, and to advance the important work underway to make MICA a better, stronger and more responsive institution for everyone who chooses to learn, work, and create here.

We look forward to speaking with you then.

With respect,
The President’s Council

David Bogen
Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost

Donald E. Jones
Vice President for Advancement

Alexandra Kim
Vice President for Technology Systems & Services

Douglas Mann
Vice President of Operations and Finance, COO

Christian Lallo
Vice President of Strategic Communications

Michael Patterson
Vice President for Student Affairs

Sheri Parks
Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

Stacy Salazar
Vice Provost, Graduate Studies

David Gracyalny
Vice Provost, Open Studies

Tiffany Holmes
Vice Provost, Undergraduate Studies

Colleen Cashill
Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Murray McKay
Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Admission & Enrollment Marketing