HR Resources for the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Stress is our body’s response to unmanageable pressures that we experience.

As a community, we are all going through varying levels of stress brought on by the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress and anxiety about our health, our family’s health, our financial situation and what that means for our families, homeschooling our children, keeping our businesses open all while not being able to see and physically interact with some of our loved ones and our larger support system. 

Your Human Resources team has put together these resources for you:

Lastly, HealthAdvocate, MICA's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Work/Life program partner provides comprehensive COVID-19 resources to support you and your family. These resources include topics such as supporting at-home children, support of employees and managers working remotely and information for older adults and caregivers. The (EAP) and Work/Life program offers three free counseling visits and financial and legal resources.  They will also coordinate health care providers and will assist with questions related to eligibility and medical bills. All of these services are completely free, confidential and you do not need to participate in MICA's health plan. For more information, click here.

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