Bill Gaskins, founding director of Photography + Media & Society MFA, to speak as part of a Magnum Photos series

MICA’s Bill Gaskins, founding director of Photography + Media & Society MFA—a program accredited by  the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) in May and fully accredited by NASAD in June—will speak this week as part of a Magnum Photos series, Chapter III: Towards a Future for Photography. This event is free and open to the public.

On Wednesday at 3-4:30 p.m. BST (10 a.m. EST.), Gaskins will speak at the panel What is the Future for Photographic Institutions?, along with Olivia Arthur, Sarah Meister and Donald Weber, and moderated by Fred Ritchin. 

“The ‘Beyond Magnum’ series is a program of in-depth talks created to address and examine some of the many challenges facing photography and the world today,” Gaskins said. “It's an honor to join a group of dynamic and esteemed colleagues and contribute to a vital conversation at this stage in the story of photography—and the world.” 

Gaskins is an artist working in photography, cinema, and non-fiction writing. His work is based on a personal, social, professional, and academic foundation informed by the history of photography and art, and American and African American Studies scholarship. A critical entry point for his work is his interest in the myths of photography and American life through depictions of race in visual culture.

“We are honored and excited that Bill Gaskins will take part in the ongoing Beyond Magnum series,” Pauline Vermare, cultural director at Magnum Photos New York, said. “We look forward to hearing about the values and philosophy that led him to create and direct the newly established Graduate Program in Photography + Media & Society at MICA—and his vibrant hope for the future generation of practitioners. The curricular vision of Bill Gaskins is testament to the power and importance of thoughtful and visionary artists in the academy for the future of photography.” 

About the Event

Chapter III: Towards a Future for Photography

“Given the many profound challenges that the world is facing, what might photography’s role be in facilitating a more coherent discussion about the potentials for positive change and healing? And given the extensive transformation of media in the current digital, “post-truth” age, what role can a photograph still be expected to play? Are we facing a renaissance in imagery, or a dystopia?”

Image by Yael Martínez

About the Program

Photography + Media & Society MFA

Photography + Media & Society @ MICA is a vibrant Master of Fine Arts program where mature, self-motivated candidates for the degree explore photography and media as an interdisciplinary medium informed by the liberal and visual arts and the record of the human story.