Portfolio Preparation

Portfolio Prep for Transfer Students

The portfolio is the most meaningful indicator of serious artistic commitment, ability, and potential to succeed in MICA's rigorous studio environment. The Admission Committee assesses the way you express your ideas and concepts visually. Your previous training in the visual arts and your technical skills and ability are also evaluated.

While submitting a portfolio is required for application and admission to MICA, a portfolio review is recommended, but not required. During a review, you'll show your work to a MICA representative and learn  how to make your application portfolio stronger. We suggest that you schedule your review at least a few months before you apply so you can take advantage of the advice given to you and make the suggested improvements. 
Visit the "Meet Your Counselor Page" to schedule a portfolio review with a MICA Representative.  

Transfer applicants should have had formal art instruction prior to applying to MiCA. 
Your portfolio should demonstrate technical ability in the fundamentals of drawing, design, and color. You may even be making work in your intended major, and be able to show technical ability in 3D or 4D (time-based media).  The work in your portfolio should also showcase your personal voice and artistic direction–the qualities that make your work uniquely your own.   Your portfolio can include classwork and homework assignments as well as work completed independently.  Select finished pieces (not sketches or studies) created within the last two years that best represent the level of work you have accomplished in college.  

Document your artwork using professional standards, making sure that your digital images of 2D work are in- focus, color-balanced, evenly lighted, and square with the camera. Avoid distracting backgrounds. 3D work can be documented from multiple angles. 4D media can be edited down to a shorter clip.  You will be uploading 15-25  digital images/media to MICA's  SlideRoom evaluation system through an integrated link in Common App.  

For more information about SlideRoom's Media File Requirements and the process of uploading portfolio images to your SlideRoom account, click here

When your images are uploaded and your information complete, remember to complete the final step and submit your portfolio. 

Your application is ready for evaluation after you submit your Common App for Transfer and your Transfer Portfolio, along with all required materials.  Your portfolio is an important factor in your admission decision. The Admission Committee evaluates portfolios using the context of your specific educational background and experience, and in relation to your chosen program of study.  Your portfolio can also be used to evaluate  evaluate course equivalency, the mastery of skill/technique and the transfer of credit for upper level studio courses. 

Our MICA Admission Portfolio Series features details specific to First Year applicants, but you'll  also find portfolio advice that can be useful for Transfer applicants. 

If you need additional experience in art making before applying to  MICA, consider enrolling in a two-year community college art/design program  and take classes for transfer credit, while improving your skills and making work for your portfolio. Contact us for more information at Admissions@mica.edu.