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Screenshot of Calm
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Screenshot of Afraid
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Screenshot of Longing

I feel my work always revolves around daily life, often trivial and somewhat dull with occasional small waves arousing my thoughts. Richard Walter, UCLA film professor, once said in his book The Screenplay “the essence of real life is dullness and monotony. If it were not so, art or any form of creative expression, including movies, would not need to exist.” My artworks could be my real life’s essence and results of my experience and thoughts, they record and speak by themselves.

I am a perceptual person, but I will deal with things with rational and clear thinking. Therefore, I love to observe my everyday life, feel the atmosphere around me, and sensitively treat the person and object I face with. In the meantime, I will think deeply about why I feel like this, why these kinds of things would happen. I document it and making videos to express it. I would figure out the intrinsic quality of the happenings. Dig out the reason, and explore what is under the veil. These could become the recourse to push me to create art. Give me grit and power to face my life as not only an artist but a normal human being in the community. 

Experiencing the passage of time. Feeling the untouchable thing becomes tangible. I absorb nutrition from my observation and transform it into my art language, and question what I feel debatable. My media includes photo, video, sound, and other media methods. I want to use these kinds of formats to process daily information we have to receive from the internet, websites, and various applications, but most important is the environment we are living in.

Photographic & Electronic Media (MFA) Students