Time & Temperature is a short documentary film about Maestro Gianni Toso, a Venetian glassblower, and his legacy with the art and craft of glassblowing. The film is set to showcase on April 24th, 2021. This poster was created by MICA MFA Illustrator L + Enlarge
Time & Temperature: Poster 2021 Digital Illustration 8100 × 12000 pixels
A 43 second teaser of Time & Temperature, a short documentary thesis project. + Enlarge
Time & Temperature: Teaser 01 2021 Digital Film 1920 x 1080
Time & Temperature: Teaser 02 2021 Digital Film 1920 x 1080

I first met Maestro Gianni Toso on a brisk fall day in 2017. My brother, Chris, and his fiancé, Rachel, had just begun their apprenticeship with the 74-year-old Venetian glassblower with 700 years of tradition to his family name. When I shook Gianni’s hand, he beckoned  to walk with him through his backyard to the farthest shed on his property, where he gifted Chris and Rachel a hand-crafted glassblower’s bench. He pointed at it, and then to them, exclaiming, “This is yours now.” This was no ordinary bench. Gianni built it for his children, who he hoped would carry on his family’s seven-century legacy. His children followed a different path, but through his love of teaching he brought Chris and Rachel under his wing as apprentices, who aspire to follow a path similar to the maestros. Be sure to check out the teaser trailer below the poster!


Justin is a MFA Filmmaking candidate at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). He received his BA in film and media studies from St. Mary's College of Maryland, during which time he interned for Ken Burns’ Florentine Films and National Public Radio. He worked for his alma mater for four years as a digital media specialist, fueling his passion for teaching and media production. In addition to documentary and experimental filmmaking he loves his cats, coffee, and cooking. 

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