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Early Morning Getaway 2021
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Mom... I Think That's Enough 2021
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New Normals 2021

When you’re no longer able to freely go outside on a whim, what do you do? These 4 comics are narrative moments in time both inside and outside. They are journeys to figure out new social standards of navigating COVID, ranging from slightly resigned to oddly successful. 

I wanted to showcase storytelling without words. As someone who used to go outside regularly to hike, rock climb, camp, and nap by the water, the feeling of being stuck indoors was difficult to deal with. My apartment rarely had direct sunlight, and I could feel my once-toned body withering away, because I'm pretty lazy about working out at home if it's not... "fun". Finding ways to compromise on what I could no longer do was often impromptu, and more exciting than I had expected! 


"Mom… I think That’s Enough"


"Early Morning Getaway"

"New Normals"


Illustration (MA) Students