Fiber (BFA)

Models standing around lounging in a sunny field wearing flowing, patterned garments + Enlarge
In the Clover (View 1) 2021 Hand-dyed and painted fabrics
Eight individual weavings are shown against a white background. Each weaving depicts a simple house shaped form, set against shades of blue sky and green grass. + Enlarge
Village 2021 Acrylic and Wool Yarn 8 x 11 in. (each)
A narrow rectangular weaving made with fluffy yarn has a knit shape of a little hill in the center. It is framed between two contrails on a blue sky. + Enlarge
Through the Kitchen Window 02 2020 mohair yarn, linen yarn, digital photography
An embroidered quilt square with an illustration of a woman staring down at her work, glasses on the bridge of her nose. + Enlarge
Moon Knot 03 2021 quilt piecing, appliqué 54" x 54"
A magical goat puppet sits in a field of flowers. His two faces make it so much easier to take everything in. He has soft brown fur, a fancy neck frill, and lots of secrets. Will you sit with him for a moment? + Enlarge
Peppercorn the Goat Puppet 01 Soft sculpture, thread sculpture, hand embroidery, acrylic paint
Weaving of little universe, up from soil all the way to space + Enlarge
Jasper Hand dyed, naturally dyed china silk, silk organza, wool, and cotton; leaves, crystal, dyed and undyed seashells
A 7.5 x 4 foot silk cloth with symbols digitally printed hangs in the corner of the gallery. underneath there is a circular pile of soil. The cloth is enclosed in a two-tone border in the style of Asafo flags in lime-green-yellow and seafoam-green-blue. T + Enlarge
oracle flag (generations of love) [we must act absolutely] detail 01 2021 silk, rhinestones, soil 7.5 ft x 4 ft
use without using (in practice) is a holistic approach to practicing "use" non-exploitatively. Confronting the relationships we have with each other, and with nature is an ongoing conversation in my day to day practice. This collection is more t + Enlarge
use without using (in practice) 2021 Reused fabric, china silk, silk organza, wooden beads, natural dyes
Champagne-colored long dress, the sleeves are long gauze, the end of the dress sewn irregular pleats of fabric. + Enlarge
Deliberate Time_Bamboo Flute satin fabric, organza, silk thread
These ceramic cinder blocks were made to the scale of the maker’s hand. In total there are twenty two of them. Each one of them is unique despite having been made the same way and covered in the same glaze. They have been stacked as if they were actually + Enlarge
5:2:2 Cinder Block Configurations 02 2020 Ceramic 5”x 2”x 2”