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Intercultural Communication Emphasis Curriculum


The Emphasis in Intercultural Communication (EIC), a Graduate Studies liberal arts emphasis, provides students with a repertoire of communication skills for the mutual exchange of ideas and cultural norms, so that they are better able to build meaningful relationships, navigate an increasingly diverse society and globalized world, and “make the world we imagine.

This 12-credit emphasis equips students with intercultural communication skills to navigate a diverse society. Students practice co-constructing meaningful dialogue in liminal spaces. Critical inquiry enriches students’ preparedness for interactions in proximate multicultural contexts. The four required graduate liberal arts (GLA) courses (each 3 credits) are complementary, can be taken concurrently and in any order.

Total credits required for an Emphasis in Intercultural Communication: 12.0

The following degree plan is for students entering in the 2021 - 22 academic year.


Course #


Intercultural communication EMPHASIS REQUIREMENTS
Intercultural Discourse GLA 5513 3.0
Culture + Criticism in the Media GLA 5515 3.0
Cultural Analysis GLA 5517 3.0
Language + Identity GLA 5519 3.0

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