Fiber students at MICA pursue both two- and three-dimensional approaches to the medium while gaining the technical skills needed to fully investigate the possibilities of textiles--from installation to wearables, and video to interactive performance. As they work with a wide variety of materials, methods, and equipment, majors engage in a curriculum that explores conventional and nonconventional processes and allows them to experiment with other disciplines in order to enhance their work in fiber.

Alumna Sees Student Internship Pay Off

Allison Samuels '12 (fiber) turned an internship into a job when she was recently hired by Carolyn Ray, Inc. in Yonkers, a suburb of New York City, as their warehouse and samples department manager.

"Carolyn Ray, Inc. is a growing textile design studio that specializes in handpainted fabrics and wall coverings, which sell around the world," Samuels said. "I would never have been hired for this job had I not interned here three years ago as a studio assistant."

Samuels credits MICA's Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development and the MICAnetwork for helping her land the internship that helped start her career, and she's offered to connect current MICA students interested in interning at Carolyn Ray, Inc. over their winter or summer breaks.

"I'm directly benefiting from the skills I developed during my time at MICA-both from my student organization involvement and education through the Fiber Department," she said.

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Every April, MICA showcases inventive and thought-provoking designs in fashion during the College's Experimental Fashion Event and the Annual Benefit Fashion Show. These events push the boundaries of fashion with a unique use of fiber and textiles, supplemented by additional media, which allow designers to craft imaginative, original and distinctive artistic creations.

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