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Graduate Internship Program Overview & Position Types


The goal of MICA's Graduate Internship Program is to provide our graduate degree candidates, as developing professionals, the opportunity to take on technical and pedagogical roles within our institution, and thereby to learn from real world experiences typical of teachers and leaders in contemporary academic communities. In coordinating the placement of graduates in these many roles, the Graduate Internship Program supports aspects of curriculum development, tool maintenance and safety, and undergraduate pedagogy. While these internships greatly enrich the students' graduate school experience and better prepare them for post-graduate professional life, MICA also awards stipends to the interns in recognition of the knowledge, skill, and time they contribute.

Though the mission is to prepare students earning a terminal degree to teach at the college level, MICA's GIP has always welcomed and supported all graduate students.

Types of Graduate Internship Positions

Graduate Teaching Intern (GTI)

A graduate student in the role of GTI works in an undergraduate course under the supervision of the faculty member and, using the Possible Progression for a Graduate Teaching Internship, gains valuable teaching experience. Faculty act as mentors to GTIs, supporting graduate students in the development of professional practices necessary for college level instruction in visual art and design.

  • It is highly recommended that GTIs take the course, Philosophy and Pedagogy of Post-secondary Visual Arts Education. (For graduate students wishing to earn the Certificate in the College Teaching of Art, this course is required.)
  • As interns in the undergraduate courses, GTIs are expected to be present for every class meeting, and to collaborate with the mentoring instructor, working no more than an average of five hours per week.
  • GTIs receive a stipend of $770 per internship per semester.

Graduate Technical Assistant (GTA)

A graduate student in the role of GTA works as a technical advisor in instructional support settings. These graduate students do not plan or implement instruction of any kind.

  • As technical assistants, GTAs are expected to tutor students in the use and maintenance of tools and materials, working no more than an average of five hours per week.
  • GTAs receive a stipend of $770 per internship per semester. 

This page was last updated on 08/30/2016.