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Make a difference in Baltimore and beyond!

The M.F.A. in Community Arts (MFACA) prepares artists to define their art practice as a means of of civic empowerment, community organizing and development, activism, education and more. Students experience how art and artists help communities  articulate their own history, cultural identity, interests and needs — and how community in turn inspires the artist’s own creative potential. Baltimore serves as the hub of MFACA student engagement. Real work with real consequences!

Community Arts (MFA)

MFACA students follow one of two tracks:

Track 1: Arts-Based Educational Programming in Community 

With an emphasis on educational programing, students use their first year in the program to engage youth and adults in meaningful, out-of-school, arts and community-based, learning experiences as part of an AmeriCorps or other residency. Alongside this work, Track 1 students also use the first year to pursue their individual artist's practice in relation to the community. A full-time artmaking emphasis occurs during the second year.

Track 2: Socially Engaged Art, Activism & Public Practice 

With an emphasis on socially engaged art practices, projects, programs, and/or activities, students following Track 2 define their own community-based residency as a way to pursue their individual artmaking. This series of investigations reflect their development as an artist in relation to the community during both program years.

See the Program Overview to learn more!