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Student Records

Our office strives to maintain all student records in a professional and secure manner in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA, click here for the FERPA policy at MICA or visit the Department of Education for more information). Students may request copies of their transcripts, enrollment history, or diplomas at any time by following the procedures described below. Any other individuals seeking student records must contact our office directly and provide the appropriate legal documentation to have a requested record released (including but not limited to a signed consent from the student to whom the record belongs). Additionally, students have the right to have a restriction placed on their records preventing the release of any information considered "Directory Information" to the public.


Ordering Official Transcripts

Order your transcript today!

MICA uses Transcripts Plus by Credentials Solutions, Inc. as its trusted agent for providing official transcripts. This process is completely secure and available twenty-four hours a day. Electronic transcripts are processed at a charge of $3.00, and printed/mailed transcripts will cost an additional $2.30. Order updates are mailed to you and you can also check your status and history online.

Have a MyMICA account? Order your transcript through your portal!

Current students and alumni with a MICA portal account may order official transcripts directly through their online Student Services Center by clicking the "Order An Official Transcript" link in their account.

Obtaining Unofficial Transcripts

Students can review their unofficial transcript any time through their student services center. In the student service center:

Click on the "My Academic" link under the Academics header
Click the "View my unofficial transcript" link
Click the green "View Report" link in the blue box on the Transcript page
Print using your chosen browser's print menu or just view online

Enrollment Verifications

Students who need "Proof of Enrollment" can obtain and print an Enrollment Verification through their student services center at any time. Go to the student service center:

  • Click on the "My Academic" link under the Academics heading
  • Click the "Request enrollment verification" link
  • Under Processing Options:
    • Select "Allow to Print from my Browser" in the drop-down menu
    • Check the box(es) next to the informational items you want included in the report
    • Chose a specific term (i.e. Fall 2013) from the drop down menu or leave the field blank to show all terms enrolled
  • Click the green "Submit" link
  • Print (using your chosen browser's print menu) and provide to the requestor

Most situations requiring "Proof of Enrollment" (e.g. Health or Auto Insurance continuation, Employer Tuition Reimbursement, etc.) will be satisfied by the document obtained through this process. Requests for circumstances requiring a more detailed/alternate format or requiring specific documents to be signed by an enrollment official, should be brought to the Office of Enrollment Services for processing.

Please note: Enrollment Verifications requiring letters, signatures, or other supporting documents may take 3-5 business days to complete (not including holidays or institutional closures).

Diplomas and Diploma Reprints

Diplomas are provided to students at graduation upon completion of their degree's requirements. Alumni whose original diploma has been lost, damaged, destroyed, or needs to have their diploma reprinted for any other reason may do so by completing our order form and returning it with payment (check, credit card, or money order) to the Office of Enrollment Services:

  • IN PERSON: 2nd Floor of the Bunting Center
  • BY FAX: Attention Enrollment Services, 410-225-2548 (no money orders/checks via fax)
  • BY MAIL: MICA, Enrollment Services, 1300 Mount Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217

Diplomas take 4-6 weeks from time of order receipt to be processed, printed/signed, and delivered. The Office of Enrollment Services does not retain copies of student diplomas. The cost of reprinting diplomas is $25 per copy. Diplomas will be reissued in the format and style of the current MICA diploma and bear the signatures of the current administration. Expedited service is not available.

Individuals needing diplomas for overseas or visa reasons may have their diploma notarized at no additional costs. Please be certain to indicate if this additional process is necessary when the order form is completed. Certain situations may require that the diploma require an apostille, our office will provide the required initial notarization; however, the individual placing the order is responsible for researching/determining how the US Secretary of State's office wishes to receive the document and what other steps are necessary for processing by their office.
Please Note: Our office will not hand deliver documents to external organizations for any reason.

Change of Address or Name

Changing an Address

It is vital that MICA's academic staff have access to the most up-to-date student addresses on file. This ensures important documents and notifications are received throughout the academic year. Additionally students who do not pick-up his/her diploma upon graduating will have the diploma mailed to the Permanent address on file. Students can update their address* at any time online.
In the student service center:

  • Under Personal Information section, Click on the "Permanent Address" link under the Contact Information
  • Click the green "Edit Address" link
  • Enter the address information
  • Click the green "Ok" link

*Students cannot amend their "Campus" address as this is assigned by Resident Life and is attached to housing assignments records.

Alumni or students on leave of absence who may not have access to the student service center can update their permanent address by completing the Change of Address/Name form and submitting it to the Office of Enrollment Services.

Change of Name

Legal/Permanent Name

For current students, changes to your Permanent (Legal) name should be done in person at the Office of Enrollment Services with a completed Change of Address/Name form and legal documentation such as a court order, marriage certificate, or other court/government document. Alumni or students on a leave of absence away from MICA campus should complete the Change of Address/Name form and mail it, along with copies of the appropriate legal documentation, to the Office of Enrollment Services

Preferred/Diploma Name

A student may rather be addressed as "Jen" instead of "Jennifer", or have his/her name listed a specific way on the Diploma. Students can update their Preferred and Diploma name through the student service center. In the student service center:

  • Under Personal Information section, Click on the "Demographic Data" link
  • Click the "Names" tab
  • Click the green "Edit Name" link next to either the Preferred Name or Degree Name row
  • Enter the name information
  • Click the green "OK" link

If a Degree name does not exist, a student can add one. Substitute step 3 by clicking on the "Add a new name" link, step 4 by selecting "Diploma" from the drop-down menu near the top of the screen, and continue with the process.

This page was last updated on 04/11/2018.