At MICA, we believe drawing is the first language an artist must learn and that mastery of drawing is essential for success in virtually every artistic discipline. Drawing is a language of ideas. Learning to draw means learning to discern the qualities of visual forms and the spaces they occupy, exploring ways to invent and arrange sensuous signs for images perceived or imagined, in order to convey meaning or experience. Drawing launches you into the process of discovery and development of your artistic voice.

Drawing at MICA

MICA is committed to achieving the highest level of drawing proficiency among its students. In this respect, the Drawing Department serves as both a foundation for all other departments and a resource for upper-level electives. It also offers a vigorous, in-depth program of study for those choosing a major in drawing.

The course of study for drawing majors is intentionally broad and open. In all, students have 14 electives, some of which are open to any studio department and others that are restricted to painting, printmaking, or drawing.

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Career Development at MICA

Career Development offers a variety of services, programs, and resources to help MICA students  further their goals in their chosen career paths. The office can assist with career counseling, internship opportunities, weekly workshops and programs, access to a resource library, peer career advisors, and more. The office is open during summer, and students are welcome to set up an appointment to learn more. All appointments are scheduled via phone, at 410-225-2420.