The drawing minor empowers students to continue developing their understanding and skills with drawing through individualized, responsive and inter-disciplinary pathways.

Drawing is the core of creative and design thinking. By presenting flexible curricular pathways, the minor provides students a means to explore their relationship to drawing and to investigate how drawing practice can strengthen their areas of creative focus, regardless of major.
The minor acknowledges drawing as both a method of image making but also as a generative and research practice. Along with building technical skills, the curriculum encourages students to use drawing as an extension of thinking, expression, experimentation and open-ended play in order to more fully engage with drawing’s capacity for ideation and discovery.

Program Overview

The drawing studio minor recognizes students outside of the drawing major who take a total of 15 credits from the Drawing Department and/or select classes from other majors approved by the Drawing Department Chair. Candidates for the minor should meet with the Chair of the Drawing Department when initially declaring the minor in order to discuss directions of interest and study and to decide on a track.

The drawing minor aims to be responsive to individual student needs, so students are also encouraged to meet regularly with the department Chair and/or faculty, especially during regular advisement periods, in order to sustain a conversation around their creative goals and to construct the best possible course schedule.