Ryan Carver

Ryan Carver is an Adjunct Professor in the Product Design department.

Ryan Carver was born the son of an architect/designer and a builder in the commercial construction industry. As such, from a very young age Ryan has been fascinated by how things are made and subsequently how the objects of the material world are realized and designed for production. This inquisitive nature led Ryan to pursue an education in design. Mr. Carver earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Industrial Design from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. During Ryan’s collegiate studies he also had several invaluable design internships with Black & Decker, USM Modular Furniture in Switzerland, and Carilion Biomedical. After graduation Ryan began his professional design career with The Agam Group Ltd., a modular display system manufacturer where he was charged with designing and developing new products to expand the existing modular system, as well as, designing retail fixtures and exhibit displays.


After working in the manufacturing sector for several years Mr. Carver accepted a position in the custom design and fabrication sector with Gutierrez Studios in Baltimore, Maryland. Gutierrez is recognized as an industry leader among the design and architecture community in the mid-Atlantic region. Ryan’s work with Gutierrez included furniture, lighting, sculpture and architectural installations for both the commercial and residential markets. As Design Director, Ryan oversaw all aspects of design, engineering, production management, and marketing/branding. During his career Ryan has worked with clients such as Citi Bank, Pandora Jewelry, Under Armour, Gensler, Olson Kundig, Whiting Turner, Kiton USA, and Alarm.com.


In 2020 Ryan Carver formally launched his own studio titled Sixty Forty Design. With a primary focus on creating furniture, fixtures, and architectural features to enhance the human experience through the built environment. Blurring the lines between product and architecture. Ryan’s design process is rooted in an iterative, user-centered approach and informed by nearly two decades of hands-on material knowledge and fabrication experience. Sixty Forty works with manufacturers, custom fabricators, craftsmen, architects, and the general public to create beautiful, functional objects.

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