Jesse Hill

Jesse Hill is an Adjunct Professor in the Product Design department.

Jesse Hill created Hill Studio in 2019 in Baltimore, MD. With over a decade of product design experience, his focus is on furniture, lighting and design education. Hill works with businesses to solve problems, develop new products, and assist in uncovering the right solution at the right cost, within the understood constraints. "I tailor my process to the parameters of how it's made, material limitations, how it functions and refining the form to its most approachable and inviting expression. Simple, functional, and intentional."

Hill Studio has collaborated with a variety of companies, including Herman Miller, Google, Apple, Nike, Byrne, Kichler, and Baresque, working primarily on furniture, lighting and parallel industry related products.  The studio's design approach is driven by constraints, user needs, and processes.

"Design encompasses our everyday life. Products should be useful, beloved, and long-lasting."

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