Printmaking (Major)

Quentin Moseley

I am interested in the meaning of "signs", not for their literal translation, but as metaphor for our attempts to find meaning by identifying with symbolic form our own small corner or perhaps larger place in the universe.

With trips to France in 1993 and 1997, I have researched the time of human development when we began to mix images and signs to project a philosophy that gave meaning to our place in the universe. This philosophy was drawn and painted with signs and symbolic form deep inside the caves of paleolithic Europe and later was developed in the great stone monuments of Brittany and the British Isles.

In recent work I have adopted the signs and symbols of neolithic and paleolithic man and have reinterpreted them with drawings, constructions, neons and prints. Through working with these prehistoric images, the symbols come full circle to reveal a contemporary philosophy that depicts our true place in the universe, not as dominator, but in mystical reverence of the signs that reveal meaning in the cycles of life.