Printmaking (Major)

Jonathan Thomas

Jonathan Thomas is the current Chair of the Printmaking Department at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, Maryland.

He joined the Printmaking Department in 2010 after serving as a Lecturer in Print Media at the University of Miami from 2004-10. His work explores the contradictions and ambiguity of visual culture and the power of printed matter to influence, shape-shift, recycle and immortalize through his work. This practice is largely cast through the prism of printmaking, and as a result, is heavily invested in concepts inherent to print media: repetition, multiplicity, layering, sequence, misdirection, ghosting, binary systems of thought and reversals. These concepts are the structures through which he explores the fragility of memory, the cracked logic of dreams, and the gap between perception and actuality. Thomas received a BS in Biology from Wake Forest University and a MFA in Printmaking from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.