Graphic Design (Major)

Zvezdana Stojmirovic

I teach two courses in the Graphic Design department, one in the Foundation department, and one in the Fiber Department.

Armed with a 1991 Fine Art degree from The Cooper Union, Zvezdana – a native Serb – braved her homeland's wars of the 1990's by working double-time: graphic designer for Bureau and the Brooklyn Children's Museum by day, studio artist at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program by night. She has since forged a career steeped in both fine and commercial arts, showing in New York and Belgrade galleries on the one hand, and practicing graphic design for print and hands-on exhibitions on the other. Often, the two would merge, as in Buka/Noise, a do-it-yourself street poster campaign she mounted in 1998 to expose her country's struggle for social change to Lower Manhattanites.

Bona Fides, her short story and soon-to-be novel about exile in New York, was published in 2003 in Promethean, the literary journal of City College in New York.

Zig Zag Shirts, her debut fashion collection and master's thesis at MICA helped kick off her own brand, under which she plans to produce innovative works of design that establish cultural and professional links across cultures. She is presently researching contemporary Eastern European designers, with the aim of encouraging design-driven business agreements with the US. At MICA, she focuses on helping students locate, build and express their youth culture with the tools of graphic design.