Raised on Ferlinghetti, foraging, fireflies and Freire, in the farmlands of Jersey, Rebecca Green’s dedication to international education and cross-cultural exchange through art-making and traditional healing practices was further explored as a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). She graduated in 2009 with a BFA in General Fine Arts (GFA), which has supported her in exploring a variety of processes.

Four years later he was awarded the prestigious 'David Jacob Scholarship' in 1995, which at the time was considered a full scholarship, and left the Caribbean to pursue studies in painting. He went on to earn his BFA in painting and an M.A. in Digital Art from MICA. He has exhibited in America, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom, and has worked for over ten years as a web developer, initially in an intellectual property environment, then in an area of databse research and interface design. In her teaching and making, there is a focus on events of the unfolding, which cultivates the understanding that a well-attended practice results in true transformation.

Through the privilege of teaching Arts-based and Mindful ELL in Baltimore’s refugee communities, with the support of institutions like Baltimore City Community College, The International Rescue Committee, and The Walters Art Museum; she began to experience the raw power of image and resting in the heart space as a catalyst for social equity and a tool for raising critical consciousness.

In the interest of expanding her own communicative competency and respect for individual and culturally
linked learning/making styles, Reb pursued a MA TESOL at The School of International Training (SIT).  Reb has served in residence, and has facilitated projects with Mildred’s Lane, AmeriCorps Community Art
Collaborative, Luminous Intervention, ArtScape, The Sanskriti Foundation, World Education, Peace Corps, and The Experiment in International Living.  She has recently also become a certified Mindfulness and Ayurvedic Educator, with Mindful Schools and Shakti School.  In many of these contexts, she has found Yantra and the Mandala form to transcend opposition and create space for our frequencies to vibrate at a more connected state, thus broadening our own webs of communication.    
In her own work and daily practice, Reb explores the act of working in -not through- the interruptions, traumas, releases and the healing.  Just as in the relationship of language and culture, these are not separate.  To meddle at the seams of integration is where the transformation tears out a stain of clarity.  Her work is in response to this perpetual churning to find balance and the belief that Artists and Educators are problem posers that inspire change and healing for the collective mind. Currently, this focus on humanistic alchemy saturates her work as a multidisciplinary community artist and English Language Learning (ELL) Specialist at MICA.