Art Education 5-Year (B.F.A./M.A.T.)

B.F.A./M.A.T. Certifications

Schools across the nation actively pursue M.A.T. graduates, with many receiving multiple job offers. M.A.T. graduates have also taken on leadership positions in schools and districts throughout the state and around the country, often directing curriculum and teacher professional development. Some of our MAT graduates go on pursue doctoral studies; these students are regularly accepted into the leading doctoral programs across the country. Federal law requires publication of our pass rates on the Praxis exams.

Out of 12 graduates completing the program between August 2012 and May 2013 pass rates are as follows: Praxis 1:Reading -Pass Rate:100%, Writing- Pass Rate: 100%, Math-Pass Rate: 100%, Praxis I Composite score Pass Rate: 100%. Praxis II: Art Content and Analysis-Pass Rate 100% Overall, the summary pass rate was 100 percent. For more information please visit the Certification portion of the Maryland State Department of Education website.

The program includes preparation for the art content components of the exams. Students who have formal diagnosis and appropriate documentation of a learning disability can apply to the testing agency to take the exams under special conditions; these students should contact the Learning Resource Center immediately upon entry to the program for information on procedures for applying for special accommodation.