The work that follows on this pages is loosely organized to give you an idea of the range of work one does when at Architectural Design - from the abstract to representation, how we architectural drawing becomes a way of thinking and conceptualizing and how many skills and disciplines are integrated in artistic and professional outcomes.
Sabrina Amoroso & Musicians, Eight Songs for a Mad King, 2016 + Enlarge
Sabrina Amoroso & Musicians, 2016 + Enlarge
Sabrina Amoroso, Cage Project 2016 + Enlarge
Sabrina Amoroso, Cage Project, 2016 + Enlarge
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Elizabeth Ewing, Senior Thesis Project 2017 + Enlarge
Akane Bessho, Senior Thesis Project 2016 + Enlarge
2016 Senior Show at 1515 West Mount Royal Ave + Enlarge
Cheng Qin, Senior Thesis Project 2019 + Enlarge

Pilgrimage to the West

Cheng Qin

Timmy Aziz, photography

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