If a semester abroad is not possible, there is always summer! Summer study abroad is a great option and generally fits well with most students' schedules and academic requirements. The Office of International Education is here to assist you with selecting a program from a U.S. accredited program provider or institution that offers short-term study abroad opportunities.

Researching a Program that's Right for You...

The application for summer study abroad is a bit more abbreviated than the semester one.  Whereas all students are required to select a semester study abroad program from the list of MICA approved programs, summer study abroad allows for more choice and flexibility.  The Office of International Education offers students freedom to research programs from a vast network of recommended program providers and provides consultation on selecting the best option.  To guide your research, we require the following minimum criteria:

-Safety first.  Verify that the country where you intend to study is not on Level 3 or Level 4 on the US State Department travel advisories list.  There are no exceptions to this rule; MICA will not provide a waiver of release, and will not accept credit from a program that runs under this condition.

-In order to qualify for transfer credit, the summer abroad program must be at least four weeks long, include at least 3 credit hours per class - most summer programs offer up to 6 credits, or 2 classes.

-The program is from an established, reputable, U.S accredited organization approved by the MICA Office of International Programs; the program offers a transcript from a U.S.-based school of record

-Students must schedule an appointment to meet with the Office of International Education, to discuss their desired program - make sure to bring supporting materials.  Please email Mike Rini, Associate Director, Education Abroad (mrini@mica.edu) for an appointment.

-Students must earn a letter grade of a “C” or higher to be considered transferable back to MICA; summer courses cannot be taken Pass/Fail. 

-All students agree to purchase the required travel insurance and agree to maintain health insurance for the entire duration of their study abroad experience.

How do I apply?

As with any study abroad program, you will need to attend a Group Advising session and afterward, schedule an appointment to meet with the Assistant Director for Education Abroad to discuss your proposed summer study abroad program selection.  If you are an F1, international student, wishing to study in your home country, the Office of International Programs will still require that you complete the summer study abroad application process and present your program selection to the Assistant Director for vetting to ensure that it meets the basic criteria.

Where Can I Research the Best Program Options?

The Office of International Education recommends the following program providers.

AIFS Image result for aifs
Arcadia University Image result for arcadia study abroad
Boston University Global Programs Image result for boston university study abroad
CAPA Image result for capa study abroad
CET Image result for cet study abroad
CIEE Image result for ciee study abroad
CIS Image result for cis study abroad
DIS Image result for dis study abroad
IES Image result for ies study abroad
IFSA Butler Image result for ifsa butler study abroad
Middlebury College Middlebury - Middlebury College
SIT Image result for sit study abroad