All current students have a Flex Account associated with their MICARD. The Flex account works like a debit card. Money must first be deposited before it can be spent.

Depositing to a Flex Account

  • Visit MICA GET. You can sign in with your MICA username and passwords or make a deposit as a guest without logging in.
  • Email to transfer a credit balance from your student account to your flex account.
  • Visit or call the Student Accounts office to pay by cash, check or overseas credit/debit card.

Locations that Accept Flex Payment

  • Bookstores: MICA College Store
  • Dining: Meyerhoff Dining Hall, Café Doris, Glace Grill, Nancy
  • Printing & Copying: Art Tech Center, Decker Library, Postal and Print
  • Vending Machines: All locations on MICA campus
  • On the Hill Cafe
  • Fines: Some departmental checkout locations. Inquire with each department

Flex Account Policy

Flex account funds never expire and can be used year round. The funds carry over from semester-to-semester, and can be used in the Summer. When a student graduates, withdraws, or takes a leave of absence, all funds that are in the flex account will be refunded back to the student within 90 days.