Student Organizations

Start a Student Organization

It's very easy to start a student organization at MICA.

To start a student organization, you will need five other people who are willing to join the organization. You will also be asked to think about the purpose of the student organization, the audience, and the resources you will need.

Starting a student organization is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Fill out an Application to Start a New Organization
  2. Meet with the Student Involvement Specialist for 30  minutes to discuss the mission, vision, and needs of your student organization. Be sure to review the Student Organization Handbook before your meeting! It contains important information about the requirements of being a registered student organization. (Note: All newly registered student organizations begin as Tier B organizations.)
  3.  If approved, you will complete the formal registration process. This will include selecting an advisor, determining who your club officers will be, and creating a constitution for your organization.

Once formally registered, you will have access to all the resources available to student organizations, including reserving space and equipment, advertising on campus, and professional development opportunities. Depending on when you start your student organization, you may be eligible to request funding for your new student organization. 

Please note that if you wish to re-establish a previously active organization, you must complete the form and process outlined above.

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